This entire site gives me a headache. I have turned down at least 10 Wikipedia jobs on Upwork. I cant figure out why people are so determined to have a Wikipedia page when they can market their own work on their sites. Wikipedia lost me forever when they wouldn’t let me correct inaccurate comments made about a couple of celebrities I interviewed. Even though I was talking directly to the person who the pages were about, I was told I could not source my own interviews with them. Reputable newspaper. Legitimate interview. They still said no. I once wrote an entire company page for a third client and it was accepted. I’d stripped everything marketing related and finally got it up. Two weeks later, they deleted the entire page even though I was honest about getting paid to write it. Not one marketing promo and they still took it down. I find it much more helpful to just go to the sources on the Wikipedia page than reviewing the Wikipedia page itself. Too many cooks in the kitchen on that site and not nearly enough actual food on the table.

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