This entire post rattles my patience. I have zip zero patience for people who don't vote. These folks STAY complaining about presidential elections while sitting on their ass during the midterms and local elections. It really pisses me off when black people don't vote, as though the "guess the number of marbles/jelly beans" never happened. It takes less time to stand in line and vote (or do a mail-in ballot) as it does to send a day's worth of tweets or write this post. Folks really do NOT understand that a president needs the Senate and the House to be on his side to get things done. Otherwise both will be going back and forth and rejecting each other, hence the reason Mitch McConnell can keep doing the b.s. he does. He has the Senate votes, even though the Dems own the House. I'm immediately impatient with people who think, "I voted for the president. Now make all of my wishes come true for four years. I'll be on the couch, complaining and not voting for anyone else."

As both an Election Judge and a loyal voter for the past 20 years, I cannot imagine not voting in any election. It is indeed possible to stand up for your cause and vote for the angle you want. But if you stay at home and don't vote, I don't want to hear ONE complaint about what you don't like happening at the White House. The loudest people who complain are usually the ones who aren't doing a damn thing. I'm still irritated that Colin Kaepernick doesn't vote. Stupidest thing ever to me.

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