This could’ve easily been written for women who don’t want children but think other people’s kids are cool. Your views on dogs are mine exactly when it comes to children — except I never want to be a mother. This post is interesting. It kept popping up on my homepage and I finally clicked on it. I just got into an argument with a lady yesterday while walking a dog. I always walk the dog close to the grass or dirt, so it can pee/poop as needed. A lady was walking in front of me, and I clearly was still on the same side of the sidewalk to let the dog do its business.

She started screaming about why I need to “hold” onto a dog — whose leash was already wrapped around my hand. She started darting back and forth on the sidewalk, and I finally asked her, “Are you trying to go into this building?” The building was to my right, and I was nowhere near it. She screamed “Yes!” and stood in place. There was absolutely nothing blocking her from walking by me to go to the building on the right. The dog was even further to my left. But she for some reason had convinced herself that this Maltese (of all dogs, you would’ve thought this was a German Shepherd or Pit bull judging from her reaction) was going to turn into Cujo.

I held the leash and she scrambled in, still complaining. I finally yelled back at her that “It’s not that serious” and I was already holding onto the leash. But if I’m casually walking down the street and know passersby are near, I’m not going to clutch the dog to my ankles. This dog may have been a solid three feet away from me, just happily peeing. But she lost her mind. I’m not saying people have to love dogs, but this freaking out part is just overwhelming for the walker, the dog and HER! Even when she touched the doorknob, she was still complaining as I walked away. I told her “Go in the building” and kept on walking.

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