This always weirds me out. I remember seeing some kind of bug fly inside of my car. I smacked it open-handed and just wiped my hand with a napkin. My 17-year-old cousin was appalled and went, "Ugghk." I squirted antibacterial ointment on my hand and went about my day while he still looked shocked that I had full use of my hand. Then I had a co-worker who was scared of spiders. I genuinely thought he was kidding. He was a veteran, after all. How do you go through all of bootcamp and shoot guns and travel the world ... but spiders are your downfall? I could not even begin to tell you the amount of times I've stomped on a spider. Open-hand bug smacks are no big deal to me. But with that said, I do not make fun. Because if there is a mouse in my place, I will walk on every single couch, bed and table, pack from a few feet above the floor and move out until it's gone. IDF with mice!!!

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