This ACTUALLY happened to me. I was visiting a rapper who I’d interviewed at least three or four times. He happened to be in town on business, and I had to be at work in a couple hours. I figured we’d hang out in Starbucks for a bit before I headed off to the evening shift. Keep in mind it was only about 3 p.m. when we met up. This officer stood there staring at us in the lobby. Even when we left the hotel to walk to Starbucks and hang out in the gazebo/patio area near my employer’s building, the officer walked by again.

I couldn’t figure out why the rapper gave him such a hard glance. It wasn’t until the officer eyed me that I realized he was following me. For whatever ridiculous reason, he thought I was a call girl. I was wearing a black sweater dress (covered from neck to knees), but the knee-high black leather boots apparently made the outfit look risque. I thought it was just a cool little get-up. When I found out he thought I was a call girl, I laughed hysterically. The rapper did not find it nearly as funny. It wasn’t until hours later that it sank in later like, “Wait a minute. You followed us for two blocks after the coffee shop and to my employer’s building. WTF?” Just the idea of two black folks meeting up to hang out was apparently too far-fetched.

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