There was a psychologist on “Red Table Talk” who talked about narcissism. I kept picturing the same two men I dated years prior — one I knew since childhood and another was someone I (stupidly) dated twice and 10 years apart. (Clearly I don’t know how to learn my lesson the first time.) But the way the psychologist on “Red Table Talk” talked about narcissism, she first confirmed that Baby Boomers are far more narcissistic and living the days of “I used to” more than Millennials. What troubled me was her whole answer was to leave these people alone and how they never learn. It put her entire career into question for me. Because if a narcissist comes to you to figure things out and you’ve already pegged them as hopeless, why exactly do you have a job? After that, I tuned out. I’m not comfortable calling people narcissists. I just think folks have their own triggers, and once you can figure out what those are and they’ll respectfully try to coexist/cooperate with you, y’all will be OK.

With that said, for a winning lottery ticket, I would never ever ever date those two men I mentioned in my first line. So maybe the psychologist is right all along. But for another woman, they may be Prince Charming.

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