There are parts of this that I definitely agree with and parts that I do not. First off, I am in the KHive and was very disappointed when she dropped out early — especially after I had so much hope for her after reading “The Truths We Told.” Second, I voted for Sanders in the 2016 primary. Third, I voted for Biden in the 2020 primary. That needs to be set up before I make my comment.

The only thing I take issue with is saying he didn’t reach out to black voters. One of the main reasons I paid attention to him was the fact that he and Killer Mike were glued at the hip during the election against Hillary Clinton. He was on The Breakfast Club and other “younger” platforms to get the youth vote. He did indeed try to get the black vote, and he got mine.

Now I’m not sure what happened in the past four years, but Killer Mike is not as front and center with Bernie as he was before. I don’t see Bernie reaching out to black voters in the same way — and repeatedly changes the answers about voters to “Medicare for All” or climate change when asked during the debates. But when I talk to his voter base, sadly, they couldn’t GAF. Too many run out and are hot-water-microwave-instant meals for Jesse Jackson although they’d paid the man no attention before. And if I hear about this MLK March from decades ago one more time, I’ll scream.

I do respect Bernie. His followers? Not a fan. But it took me way longer to decide whether I’d vote between Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden than it did Sanders and Biden. She grew on me. I grew away from Sanders. With that said, I respect his speech about the stimulus COVID-19 package. I think he has some great ideas. I just think his focus is too small: Medicare, climate change, and not a whole lot of planning to get it.

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