The way you described the conflict between you two, it sounds like you were Issa and separated from a Molly. I’m not seeing a whole lot of Molly here, unless I missed something. Molly needs people to depend on her so she can put her wrist on her forehead and show the “S” on her chest. Issa needs people to believe in her and kinda has an unhealthy obsession with looking for cheerleaders. That’s why their friendship worked — until it didn’t. I’ve had Molly friends before, but I don’t really care where they ended up. I’d still be a personal reference for ’em if they need a job, but I’ll be damned if we will be social media friends on any platform. I don’t follow, friend, tag, connect or pin anybody I don’t like — ever. My burned bridges are dust. I can’t say I miss one former friend I had. I just feel like if it was meant for us to be friends, we’d still be friends. And if it’s not, I wish you all the best — in your own world.

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