The Rottweiler video is wild to me. I can't decide whether to laugh or be mad. I already wrote about my mixed opinions on police not coming around for next-door neighbor disputes. I had the opposite reaction. This lady (who is Latina) in my building ran my bell excessively to accuse me of taking a photograph of a kid she knows outside in our lawn with a mask on (which was bizarre in itself), then her roommate/boyfriend peered in my windows, then called me racist at a meeting for describing someone's race (as if saying the race means "racism") and then her boyfriend played the guitar while sitting outside my window.

But I was the one to call the police to get this situation under control 'cause she was just doing too much. Now she's sending board emails saying I "physically assaulted her" (by pouring a bucket of water on a plant behind her to get the two to move, which they didn't...for 50 straight minutes, and he KEPT playing the guitar) and she feels "unsafe." It is quite possibly the weirdest experience I've ever had with a neighbor, and I've had a LOT of strange neighbors. The white, male neighbor who called me a "n**ger b**tch" in his apartment (thin floors) was far less stressful than this lady above. I knew where he stood and responded accordingly. We scowled at each other and went about our day.

I'm always amazed by people who kick off the conflict but become victims afterward. Stop f**king with people, and they will leave you alone, too.

Every last Karen story I read is someone minding their own business. Then the "Karen" situation happens. Then they're suddenly being the SAME people they've been picking at. It's the weirdest game of "she hit me last" I've ever seen.

P.S. I tried not to label people as "Karens" but it's the easiest way to explain the kind of person I'm dealing with.

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