The law firm angle was the reason I hesitated to write this piece. I did not want the conclusion to sound like, “I should’ve sued them.” I really just wanted to just wave my arms around to parents (or legal guardians) to say, “Hey, make sure your kid doesn’t get pressured into doing something before she understands what she just did.” The Amazon worker with the injured finger and eye should’ve easily been sent to a hospital. I don’t even understand why that was questioned. (I don’t know their ages though.)

Corporate America will eat a teenager alive if she lets it though. As an adult, I fully understand why lawyers (who I’d never seen on any other day), managers and other workers came out of absolutely nowhere. I usually see one or two in a day. This happened, and folks acted like free pizza was in the conference room. But yes, you’re right, in that situation, you don’t know what to do.

They told me it was my fault. Therefore, I went, “Oh, OK, this was my fault for pushing the file cabinet back.” I knew something was off for them to put the unplugged machine right back in the same spot — knowing this file cabinet did not lock properly nor should a machine this heavy be in a spot where it can fall like that. Why they had the paperwork prepared was also odd. But they were the adults in the room so I went with it.

I did ask my mother later on who paid those health insurance bills. She paused for a long time and struggled to remember. Eventually it came down to the conclusion that it had to be my parents because the office would have had to stay in touch with me in order for me to get approval to keep seeing this same specialist. Anyway, again, thank you for reading. I hope you tell parents you know who have working teens (or younger adults) to prepare their kids, too.

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