The first time I read this comment, I was shocked. The second time it was through pity. And now that I’ve read it a third time trying to get through all the ignorance throughout your message, I’m pissed. While you may be entitled and oblivious enough to get away with saying all this nonsense to your own social circle, I’m not letting any of this slide.

  • You should have known you were in over your head if you “never thought” about racism. That already tells you that this may be a topic you want to park yourself in the bleachers for, specifically if you consider racism to be “simple.”
  • I don’t know why the Maori girls experiment sparked you as “sad” when the rest of your message comes off like anybody who does not meet you (or your mother’s bizarre) approval is “ugly,” but you remind me of those girls.
  • I wrote an entire post intending to compliment dark brown skinned girls and talking about how they are as beautiful as lighter skinned women, and your response is to tell me “milk chocolate brown” is the “better colour skin”? This post completely went over your head. I clearly am making the point about why people should not discriminate against dark chocolate girls.
  • This Chimbu lady doesn’t sound particularly “intelligent” at all if she tried to dismiss complexion altogether and brush it off as these dark-skinned women couldn’t possibly be pretty. It must be the cheekbones. How about it could be both?! When I see women like Miss Solomon Islands 2017–2018, I see a rounder face and just a pretty girl. And no, not all of their “lips are blue” nor are they all “so black.” “Blue lips” are usually caused by low blood oxygen levels or poor circulation and look like this man with cyanosis.
  • I wrote an entire post about why I think a relative should give chocolate girls a shot, and your response is to tell me how you think a light-skinned Italian woman (Sophia Loren) is the “most beautiful woman in the world.” And even when you did acknowledge a (light and very stunning) black woman, you tell me your mother’s tacky ass comment about how if their mouths were wider they’d be “freaky ugly.” I’m not in the habit of talking about anyone’s mother, but she should be so lucky as to even be in a room with the late and great civil rights activist Lena Horne, never mind look like her.

Don’t leave another ignorant comment about black people or dark-skinned people period on another Medium board. Re-read your message. See where you went all wrong. And definitely do not contact me again until/unless you can figure out why your message was so overwhelmingly offensive.

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