The first thing I thought about while I was reading this was a magazine founder I worked with. One of them was a bit of a spazz but swore she “ran” the company, another one was always late for meetings but critical of everything written and the third one was the mediator. To no one’s surprise, the magazine didn’t last more than a few months. And I knew that the last guy would make it somewhere else just from quiet observation in their meetings. I was a fresh college graduate with minimal experience, but even I knew that if you show up late or not at all to your own company meetings as the founder you’re setting an IDGAF attitude with your peers. The lady who swore she ran the company was already pitting herself against her two partners. Meanwhile the other guy was pounding the pavement, going to concerts, talking to writers, setting up meetings, getting connects, etc. I learned so much from just watching those three founders be so drastically different. Anyway, great post. I wish those three could’ve read it.

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