The entire time I was reading this post, I was picturing the countless photographs of First Lady Michelle Obama and George W. Bush. I don’t know what in the world it is with those Bushes, but even though their politics are drastically different, they can befriend some of the most hard-to-predict people. I can’t say I agree with this post here. Ellen DeGeneres is notorious for taking the “nice” road. Her team will block any YouTube video with too many negative comments. She was one of the first folks to ask Kevin Hart to be on her show to get him to emcee the Grammys, even though the LGBTQI crew was livid with her for it. She caped for Steve Harvey after the Costa Rica/Miss Universe blunder. I kinda respect that she’s going to be nice no matter what.

She’s got that IDGAF nice thing going, even when it goes against her base. In her case, that “rich white woman” shield she holds is happenstance. Ellen repeatedly has gone after whatever she believes, from getting herself fired from her own show (when she knew the money was going to dry up) to a whole list of other things. I don’t watch her show often, but I must say I do respect her gangsta.

And if you’re going to be mad at Ellen DeGeneres for befriending a Bush, Michelle Obama has gone on record talking about W’s sense of humor and them being cool.

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