The best way to respond to this long-winded, whining, petty comment is by pointing out an article I wrote about my indifference to marriage. But I won’t. It seems self-serving. However, I will leave you with this.

  1. If you don’t want people to make inaccurate comments about the LGBTQ+ community, don’t then exercise your own ignorance by speaking in large part on the heterosexual community. It’s not logical considering inexpensive weddings happen every single day. A lazy Google search can confirm that.
  2. Don’t speak on another person’s checking account nor make the assumption that she would have her parents pay for it. Not only do you not know me nor my parents, but you DEFINITELY are wrong again if you think I’d put that off on my parents. You’re already out of pocket for speaking on an entire community’s checking account. DON’T EVER SPEAK ON MY PARENTS!
  3. The longest, most successful marriage I’ve seen with my own eyes is of 49 years. Those two went to the courthouse and then to White Castle’s. The second one is 39 years years and counting, and was full of handmade outfits, a beautiful church and a reception. Marriage comes down to the couple, not the event. But if that couple wants to spend their own money on doing it big, whether gay or straight, that’s their business.
  4. Travel destination weddings happen. It’s not a matter of sexual orientation. While there definitely are areas of the world that still frown on same-sex marriage, there are clearly those who are gunning for everybody’s money.
  5. You honestly just sound pressed because you haven’t had the opportunity, or the person, who wants to marry you and go all out. If that’s the case, then deal with that part. Don’t start throwing hostility at folks who want to and can afford to get married.
  6. Again, that wasn’t the purpose of this post. You turned a post about wedding funds for a friend into a gay versus straight people post. And neither of us know whether the couple was straight anyway!

We’re done speaking for good. Misery loves company, and you sound like things are just not going your way in life. Aim higher. Do better. But don’t take it out on the rest of the world.

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