The beginning of this post sounded like me for a few months in 2019. I took a kickboxing class but wasn’t really thrilled with the idea of partnering with random strangers every single class. Plus one new girl came to class, kept getting entirely too close to kicking me on the side and was just way too wild. She ended up with two bleeding legs, fell on her ass twice, and I ended up with a hurt ankle because she never held the bag correctly. I refused to partner with that nuisance again. If it was up to me, my only partner would be one lady in the class with a prosthetic leg. She could kick the s — t out of a bag but she was so easy to train with. I can’t remember whether she was a vet or not; all I know is she meant business on the bag but was very friendly.

Anywho, I decided to practice solo. I still had my gloves so I’d put on my headphones, turn on my smartphone timer and punch the bag just like you. I also recognized the curious looks from men who were just a wee bit caught off-guard by me kicking the hell outta the bag and punching occasionally.

I couldn’t stay interested in kickboxing long enough to make it a “thing.” My outlet is WERQ dance fitness. I loyally did that for a little over two years at two gyms and still do it on my ROKU/YouTube streaming. Still though, I’m with you on finding an outlet that makes you feel strong. Anytime you can find a workout that does not feel like boring exercise, I say do it often!

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