The applicator is biodegradable (meaning not your usual no. 3, no. 4, no. 5, no. 6 plastic). Organic, toxin-free tampons without the toxins remove all the kind of ingredients that mainstream companies keep hiding. (There are a bunch of plant-free and/or bleach/chlorine-free options here.) Ever since T-Pain interviewed the founder of Honey Pot, I gave up on all the popular brands you see lining retail stores (and that I had been buying for the past couple of decades). As far as period pants in a dressing room, that’s just … ugh, I wash and dry clothes from anyone wearing them but period blood just “absorbing” down pants makes me shiver. I just don’t see an upside of “feeling” the blood every time you stand up. I have looked at Thinx before. I was hoping your article would sell me more than their website did. It’s why I despise maxi pads. I don’t want to “feel” anything when I move.

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