That's just it. I don't. I've lived in the United States long enough to fully understand that it's drastically different being born and raised on the South Side of Chicago and then moving to the North Side of Chicago. So if I cannot even sincerely say that Chicagoans act like [insert characteristics here], I definitely would not form views of an entire other city. If I need to put this into perspective for you, Common, Da Brat and Kanye West are ALL from Chicago.

And if you've watched the horrendous nonsense Kanye West has done as a Chicago vet while even casually paying attention to the careers of Common and Da Brat, you'll realize why I don't bunch people together. Barack Obama spent his professional life here in Hyde Park for years, and Rod Blagojevich is strutting around happy as hell and thanking Trump for getting out of jail.

People from other countries and continents paint the United States of America with a brush stroke that is far too wide. We literally cannot get on the same page with the joke of a man in the White House. We are two distinct worlds living in one huge country. There’s this weird thing non-Americans do by saying “Americans are ________________” as if you know 328 million people.

That's pretty much what I'm trying to get people from other countries to understand. There seems to be this belief that red-state loudmouths who love Trump are the postage stamp of the U.S. and they just aren't. They lost their shit the entire 2008 to 2016 presidency and are especially obnoxious now, but it's not like all the voters from 2008 to 2016 just up and disappeared.

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