Thanks for letting me know. That comment was left three hours ago, and I didn't get an alert yet. This happens all the time with more popular posts. It takes a really long time for me to get email alerts. Sometimes I just have to scroll through the bell to see what I missed. And yes, I'm aware of hiding responses. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't (if it's actual constructive criticism).

But this guy wrote a whole post about why we should admire Iceberg Slim over Malcolm X or Richard Wright, so I already know what kind of brainpower I'm working with. I saw a headline about why it's not a good idea to "worship equality"--and gave up entirely. I don't need people to disagree with me, but too often I find the people who don't (especially regarding race) walk a fine line of calling me an "uppity negro" in their heads. That comment had a similar sentiment.

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