THANK YOU: Regarding the sweater dress. That is just entirely too much clothing to be a call girl. Now do I have the kind of body that can “fill out” a sweater dress so it doesn’t look bulky? Yes. I will not deny that it was a shapelier look in the sweater dress but it’s still a sweater dress. I don’t know if the boots threw it off. Either way, I thought it was decent enough to wear for an entire work shift at a newspaper so it clearly wasn’t that risque.

I don’t know if he thought the Starbucks trip was a cover-up. All I know is I sat in the hotel lobby. The rapper was called downstairs. We sat there chatting it up, but then people (I’m guessing the officers too, but I wasn’t looking that closely) kept coming by us sitting in the lobby chairs so we left. Maybe a solid 10-minute walk from the hotel to Starbucks and here comes the officer from the hotel lobby again.

By this time, I was paying attention. But while the rapper was furious, I just couldn’t stop giggling at the thought of it. Now keep in mind the officer never approached me directly. He just kept coming entirely too close to listen to our conversation. Even when he left, same deal. Killer part is this wasn’t even the kind of rapper that would be profiled by the hip-hop police. He would fall under the Chance the Rapper category.

Anyway, I’m glad you were offended instead of thinking, “That’s just how it is.” Good read, by the way. Thoughtful.

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