Thank you for weighing in رینا!

I have lost count of the number of people who have told me to move to Europe. It was happening way before I joined Medium. I started noticing a pattern of it on my old Amazon review account, until a Black Brit came into the comment section and reminded folks of the slavery link. Then everybody scattered like roaches. And you absolutely make a great point about how someone who does not deal with something simply cannot tell you what life is like for someone who does. Even my own mother, who is very light-skinned, asked me, “Do you think if Trump loses some of this racism will go away?” I gazed at her and remembered for the millionth time how she can be the woman I am closest with who has not had nearly the experiences I have had as a brown-skinned woman. Sometimes I tell her my own personal experiences and she is startled that it could be true — and this is the woman who birthed me. It is wild how physical appearance can make two people have such dramatically different lives.

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