Thank you! This is where I’m at with that particular question, too. People who work in Hollywood still live here and have to deal with political choices one way or the other. I can see why asking him that question from the very beginning would rub him wrong. But even after the man went off on helping soldiers who have come home from war — after they bickered back and forth — somehow what she took from the conversation was that he picked on her.

I can’t get around how weird that is, and it’s mainly because I could write a laundry list of examples of snippity quotes that I’ve left out of final interviews. There are audio interviews I flat-out won’t even listen to again, and that’s not even going into publicist conversations. While it can suck a little bit more for a celeb you’re already a fan of, I’m not holding onto that for 16 years to say someone “jumped on me” for it. The way she was describing this incident is the way Gayle King should be describing her R. Kelly interview. Meanwhile Gayle is laughing about it and brushing it off. I can only imagine how Katie Couric would’ve reacted in that latter situation.

Either way it goes, she is entirely too seasoned to be this fragile. I’ve had tougher conversations talking to editors — not even reporters — in a day than that entire conversation was!

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