THANK YOU! This is one of those overly woke social justice moments that I'm not even trying to humor being angry about. Once I saw tweets about "policing a woman's body," I was done. I started writing this post. There are entirely too many real situations when women's bodies are policed and sexism is rampant. This ain't it!

If I was with someone who is doing all this at a restaurant, I'd get up and move to another table — stone-cold serious. Don't ask me to come sit with you all again. No, we won't hang out again. I'm cool. My parents took me to restaurants when I was super small to get me used to how to act when inside. Once you're taught, it sticks. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say if this same song came through the speakers of a white-owned establishment, these sistas would not have OD’d like this. Maybe I’m wrong, but from the comments, I’m getting this vibe like the restaurateur should just accept folks acting out in public because “He’s black, she’s black, so that’s that.” Noooope.

The music excuse is annoying me to no end, too. With that logic, every single time I hear a twerk song, I have to stop whatever I'm doing and jiggle around. Reading a book: Song comes on. Put the book down and crack my knees. In the middle of a Zoom call: Song comes on outside. Dance for all the attendees. "We" definitely have enough self-control to act accordingly. The amount of people defending these antics are weirding me out ... and letting me know who I never ever want to meet away from a computer screen.

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