TGIF Lakitha,

In response to your message, I for sure knew Trump supporters would be completely irate at this post. I expect more angry messages, but my response will be the same. There are many issues that I can respect the middle ground on. I can respect opposing views on education, money, religion and a few other controversial topic. But I stand with my feet firmly planted when it comes to politics, racism and sexism. In other words, IDGAF if I hurt somebody’s feelings who voted for a man who was accused of sexual misconduct by 20 different women, has slaveowner tendencies like saying “my African-American,” accuses an entire minority group of being rapists, is backed by white supremacists and openly brags about grabbing women by the pussy. Be mad. Stay mad.

As far as befriending certain groups, I don’t think any group gets a free pass. I have been friends with a little bit of everybody growing up — mainly black, a few white, several Latino/a and a couple Asian. I can all but guarantee you that most of the people in my head would not and did not vote for 45. With that said, I don’t think one particular group is better at being friends than another. I think it’s a matter of groups from various cultures actually taking the time to get to know each other. I can picture at least two white, male co-workers in my head that I’ve gone to clubs and restaurants with recently who are cool as s — t. Those two jerks (I say that lovingly) also don’t vote, which pisses me off but we’ve argued about it so much I gave up on trying with them. And I can definitely count off some good associates (all white) in public speaking groups and storytelling groups I’m affiliated with who complain about Trump more in a day than I do in a month — surprisingly it’s far more men than women, which wears on me sometimes. It still boggles my mind that any woman of any race would vote for 45. You have to truly hate everything about being a woman to back a man who will admit that he just grabs people and kisses them without consent, holds their genitalia and has a wife who accused him of physical assault. Like WTF?

Meanwhile I remember my beautician (a sista) who rolled her eyes and said, “I don’t know who I’m voting for” during the Obama vs Romney election. I wanted to get out of the chair and walk out — hair wet, conditioner on. I was stone-cold quiet until she finished my hair and never made a follow-up appointment. I don’t take anyone’s vote nor political views for granted. Because every time I do, someone will disappoint. What I have learned is to yank the band-aid off as soon as we’re reasonably cool, so I know what type of person you are ahead of time. I’ve already been duped twice in college by two ladies in particular who I thought were the coolest of cool (one of which was my roommate) who got drunk and turned out to be the biggest closet racists I’d ever heard. Now that I think of it, maybe I started filtering friends in college instead of the 2008 Election. Because that drunk race escapade still rings off bells in my head. Drunk thoughts bring out the truth.

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