Technology’s influence on the future of interior design

Usually when a homebuyer starts the process of house hunting, she walks into the location pondering how to make it her own.

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Whether she hires a professional interior designer or brainstorms on how to do the work herself, technology is continuing to make the future of interior design more convenient, economical and eco-friendly.

Remove the guessing game from furniture shopping with these mobile apps. High-end and more affordable furniture stores have already caught on to customers’ needs to be able to see products closer. Dimensions and a few still shots are not sufficient. It is all but mandatory to have the “Hover to Zoom” option so potential shoppers can examine a couch from arm to arm or a dresser from knob to leg.

Unfortunately even with this tech perk, that impressive piece of furniture may not look the same way in the store as it does at home, whether it’s because of wall paint, already purchased furniture, or space constraints due to static items (example: placement of a wall air conditioner, or baseboard or electric wall heaters). Apps such as Live Home 3D (formerly Live Interior 3D) or My Virtual Home give users the option to predict how furniture will look in every angle of the home, brainstorm on floor plans and observe the results in 3D renderings.

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Make cleaning smarter. By now, tech savvy homeowners already know about robot vacuums and mops, electronic window cleaners, and toilet bowl cleaning systems. But some appliances had been trailing behind. While dishwasher owners continue to debate the highs and lows of certain brands pretty much making you wash dishes before stacking them, companies like Heatworks have looked past that debate with the creation of Tetra. The Internet-connected, compact, countertop dishwasher can be used anywhere that has a standard electrical outlet. There is no plumbing installation needed, and the home appliance can hold approximately two full place settings, 10 plates or 12 glasses. With water poured in manually and no faucet connection needed, green homeowners may be pleased to learn they have more control over their water usage. (Portable dishwashers, while convenient, still require connecting faucet adapters, hoses, etc.)

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Become the boss of your water supply. It is by no accident that smart technology, such as the dishwasher mentioned above, is connecting itself to eco-friendly culture. With growing concerns over global warming, interior design is doing its part in the movement in a number of ways, especially when it comes to water systems in the bathroom and kitchen. Water filtration systems grew in popularity in 2017 and have carried over this year, giving homeowners the ability to disperse filtered water to every water outlet in their homes. Eco-friendly showerheads have also improved from a small drizzle to options that maintain desirable water pressure while still conserving water.

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Use technology as your reminder. The ultimate frustration is to be stuck in traffic or on a train and realize you’ve left the stove on, your alarm, the TV or any other device that will increase your electricity bill. Home automation removes those worries. Products like Google Home can be your radio, alarm clock and (with the help of Google Assistant) smoke detector all at once. Home automation systems are also coming in handy for eco-friendly interior designers to be able to control their thermostats, lighting, sprinklers, and turning off power-hungry electronic supplies such as computers.

Whether your priority is environmentalism, having handy technology appliances or exercising your design creativity, these suggested supplies should help you well on your way.

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