Somehow I slept straight through this news, but thank you for posting this video. The Kappas strolling to “Do or Die” gives me all kinds of life as a Chicagoan. I love it!

I’m happy that John Singleton was nice to you though. I met Spike Lee before at a book signing. Absolute a-hole. Lost respect for him. But John Singleton followed me on Twitter, and I assumed it was a fake account (not verified). Then I saw other celebs following that account. It makes me sad to know he’s no longer with us. I don’t usually fan out over celebs, but man, I was hype about him being one of the few who followed me on there because I respected the man so very, very much. Always wondered how long it would take him to unfollow me when I went off on reality show or political rants, but he never did.

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