“So called protests”? Um, that’s like being “kinda pregnant.” There’s no question of it being a protest or not. I sorta understand not speaking out when you’re outnumbered, especially if you live in a community that will attack you for it. But I also ended up being the loud mouth in a very conservative school and almost got expelled, and I still wouldn’t budge. Even if no one would fight with me (there were a couple), I was a one-woman protest. I have lost all patience with being silent. I also think loud mouths who speak up about topics like this are instantly offended when someone says, “I don’t agree.” They’re just expecting the crowd to agree with them. You leaving could easily be mistaken as you just having somewhere to go as opposed to disapproving of them. But I have a bunch of nonconfrontational relatives who may have done the same thing, so to each her own.

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