“Slave labor” is unpaid. You were paid. While your situation was extremely unfortunate, I am much more troubled by entitled and oblivious people using the term “slave labor” (and that idiotic Britney Spears song) to downplay slavery. Just as you wouldn’t say you weren’t a “Holocaust survivor” for your job, don’t say slave labor — with or without the quotes. I stand by what I said. Your comment is trying to “all lives matter” the situation. I’m sticking to the point I was making and not deviating to the word “boss.” That’s not my argument nor should that be the reply you’re leaving for me. Talk to someone else about your issue with that one. IDGAF about the word “boss.”

I’m standing on my point about not calling yourself a “slave” or being involved in “slave labor” without understanding the depth of the term. Slaves had masters who did not pay them and tortured the s**t out of them — on top of stripping them from their lands, their families, their children, their spouses, their language, their clothes. These people were drowned for not bowing down or jumping over for refusing to submit, and being forced into having babies with their masters only for their wives to then act like it was their fault. That is slavery. That is not a boss. That is NOT the same as having a bad job that you can voluntarily leave at any time.

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