Shelley, I cannot disagree with anything you just said. This location was walking distance from my prior condo and just made far more sense to go to instead of driving to other locations. I’ve sense moved away from that area, and other locations for the same store chain are way better. But I kept thinking it would be more of a loss on my part to stop shopping at a store chain I already like (Target) just because I don’t care for one store (Target in Evanston).

I thought Yelp would work. That didn’t. I thought the surveys would work. That didn’t either. But after the annoying experience yesterday, I’m done with the hope. Now I’m talking to the Better Business Bureau, tagging them on Twitter, again doing both surveys, and now asking for a response. I’m fed up with it. And my guess is people will just quietly leave, and the cashiers will continue to profile. Silence does not get results. But I needed to know they were still doing it before I named the store chain.

Either way it goes, you’re still not wrong. I could’ve saved myself some irritation by just going to my main/favorite locations that are nothing like this one. Glutton for punishment, I guess.

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