See, this is exactly why I wrote that “filtering friends” post. I can count on one hand the number of times I have to have any kind of race-based PC talk with other minority groups (minus debating the n-word, which will always be a sticking point). I have 100% debated with some folks for talking about other minority groups. But by default, even if they don’t agree with me, they know what it’s like to feel disrespected. So we either agree to disagree or drop the subject altogether.

The only time it always turns into a long drawn-out debate is with folks who are more likely to vote for Trump. I’m not saying it was a walk in the park pre-Trump because even McCain had to check a supporter for saying Obama wasn’t born in America. But once I left one particular college, these kinds of conversations were a spontaneous occurrence. Nowadays I’m just like, “GIVE IT A REST! Why are you so mad that you can’t say the first stupid a** comment that comes into your head?”

Too much of today’s social media discussions remind me of toddlers who learned new words and wonder why they can’t just say anything to strangers.

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