See, that’s just where we’ll never see eye-to-eye. I could need to walk down a certain street to get to work, a friend’s house, the mall or just getting in my 10,000 steps. But if someone has already shown me or told me, “Do not walk down this block. This is a dangerous block,” I am absolutely positively going to walk a different route. I sympathized with the first group who got leaked because they simply didn’t understand how hackers got into their accounts. I don’t understand how you can clearly see the 37 celebrities from 2017 and go, “I think this is a good idea.” That should’ve been the moment when every woman on Earth deleted her nudes and emptied them from the trash can. This was a completely avoidable problem. This wasn’t a stray bullet on the street or someone dropping a pill into a drink. This was something that someone voluntarily did all by themselves knowing this was the “dangerous street” to never walk on.

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