See, I am one of those Liberals but I defended parts of his personality for 1) battling against Trump throughout his presidential run and campaign 2) the thumbs down on ACA 3) vocally defending Barack Obama during that dumbass foreigner fiasco when his own supporters tried to confirm he was a Muslim from Africa.

Do I love McCain’s politics? Nope. But I didn’t like 100% of Obama’s either. Still though, between these three things plus surviving torture made me at least respect him. I don’t care who you are. Anytime somebody leaves your arms in that kind of condition and behind enemy lines, I have to salute you a little bit.

Bush? Bush is awful. The photos of him and Michelle Obama play tricks on my brain, but considering her anti-politics stance, I am not sure if she understood just how odd it was to see them looking like BFFs at multiple events. But I’ll be damned if Bush doesn’t look like the no-good boyfriend I had every right to dump but see the “good” parts of him on my loneliest days.

Trump’s entire presidency = Loneliest, desperate days

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