S reads I can still see your prior response. Scroll up. I want to know what happened at the vegetarian pizza place. I highlighted it when I read your message earlier and just now responded to the dream board/handyman post. And as for the “fancy firsts,” I’m not even mildly surprised. My grandfather used to make fun of people who had glamorous weddings. I thought he was a hater at first, but then later, I realized he really did have a point. Folks sometimes get too caught up in the wedding but not the marriage. Every couple that I’ve seen work was prepared for what happens after the white dress and tuxedo go to the cleaners.

Have you ever watched “Growing Up Hip Hop”? Somebody asked JoJo how did he feel being married. He said, “I feel the same. Only men who were doing what they were doing feel like marriage changed them or the relationship. If you were already ready to get married, nothing really changes.” I’m paraphrasing, but it makes sense. The license is just legal reasons, but the behavior is what keeps it going. I’m saying all this as someone who isn’t even close to getting married, but my eyes and ears work enough to see that there’s something to be said about the White Castle relationships!

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