Anonymous user with a completely ridiculous point, let’s cover this point-for-point:

  1. Racism is not a natural reaction to another human being. That’s why you see babies and toddlers playing with everybody. As with all training, kids have to be taught to hate another person for something they cannot control.
  2. If we remove teenage virgins from the equation, “wanting to get laid” doesn’t mean one should be racist against another. I can think of one Mexican and one Guatemalan guy I was interested in in high school. Had I been taught to be racist against Hispanic people, they’d have never stood a chance.
  3. Common sense should’ve told you that sexual preferences and RACIAL preferences are not the same thing. Just as one is “taught” to believe that “blondes have more fun” than redheads, it would take an absolute idiot to not recognize that both the blonde and the redhead have the same vagina. One can dissect prejudices that they create in their minds, but to suggest that sexual preference or sexuality justifies it underscores all interracial relationships and interracial dating.
  4. Your message doesn’t have shit to do with dogs being trained to hate a particular group. And the fact remains that this woman — without any backed-up proof — wanted her dog to be walked by white women. So not only was the dog racist (or she taught him to be) but the dog was also apparently sexist (again, taught to be). Puppies are not naturally scared of men anymore than they are naturally scared of black people. Familiarity and socialization make all the difference, just as being around diverse group makes people unlike you less likely to say the stupid comment you just wasted my time reading.

Let’s not have a repeat.

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