Raven, unfortunately, I have to agree with your comments, too. I naively thought that working for a person of color would make Corporate America easier. And I can distinctly recall running into just as many roadblocks — one Indian supervisor just could not seem to tell me and another sista apart, even though she hired both of us. She was always calling us each other’s names. Then a Guatemalan boss defended this anti-black features scientific study so much that it left me very disappointed. Selena Gomez made the cut, so she didn’t give a damn.

I’ve also been a mid-level manager and dealt with a stressload from people who reported to me as much as higher-ups. (Middle management sucks that way.) So I know how people can undermine your assigned authority, or you can just get fed up by careless mistakes. And if this is the same office where people are just randomly doing cocaine in front of him, I’m sure she dealt with some b.s. too.

That doesn’t mean The Only Black Guy In the Office isn’t 100% right. She could just be a world-class asshole. The group email (which I hate) certainly sounds like it. A reprimand is just fine in person and one-on-one. On the other hand, if the mistake was sent as a group email, she may have (insensitively) thought it was fine to reply all back. But the part about ridiculing him for asking for help is what’s killing me. That’s where she lost me completely when I was trying to be objective.

Sigh, Corporate America. I miss it less than my worst ex-boyfriends.

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