Police at a church? Whaaaaaaaat?! Now that I have never seen. What is the story behind this? Was someone famous inside? (My guess is no because you would’ve said that.) I know that’s become a common concern at funerals for rival gang members. I keep seeing that dumb ish on the news, and it’s annoying. The person is already dead, and you are the scum of the Earth to try to kill someone else at a funeral.

As far as the church reviews, as mentioned, this was very new to me. When I got home, I started looking up all the churches I’d visited growing up. Most have blank pages and just addresses and phone numbers. Then I got to one full of complaints about a preacher’s political leanings. I reported all of them. Regardless of how you feel about a preacher’s political leanings, Yelp reviews should be about when you actually visited __________. If you’re never going to step foot inside, don’t bother telling me your complaints. And who reviews churches? That is just so — that is entirely too much time on your hands, and I’m saying this as someone who worked for a radio research firm for two years doing cold call surveys. During my high school years, I was bugging people at dinner to talk about music, so clearly I should have a soft spot for surveyors/reviews. But church is where the line should be drawn.

If you go to church during your vacation, just let it be what it is.

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