On Facebook, I observed a comment board related to this topic. Although I’m troubled by the idea of talking about only men of color when it comes to patriarchy and sexual abuse within the household, I understand why it’s being called out. Fortunately I have no direct experience with this and grew up in a family with mostly men, somehow this was never an issue. (We have plenty of family spats, but never this one.)

But I did find another statistic that is troubling to me:

  • American Indians are twice as likely to experience a rape/sexual assault compared to all races.
  • 41% of sexual assaults against American Indians are committed by a stranger; 34% by an acquaintance; and 25% by an intimate or family member.

It was my understanding that sexual assault is usually a family member or an acquaintance, and this may be the case for other groups. I would be curious what the link is to American Indians are who are “passing” as white versus those who clearly look “of color.”

Back to the topic at hand, and I still must emphasize that I do not consider what T.I. is doing as sexual assault/molestation or anything of the sort, either he is ignorant of the degree to which his actions will affect his daughter long term. Or, he doesn’t care. My guess is the latter, specifically after hearing his views on Tiny’s vagina being “50 percent his” once they’re married and women getting married “to get half.” His podcast makes my head hurt. I listened to two episodes, and it was just a world of difference between the way he talked to Cardi B. (encouraging her to run for president) and his wife (who he wanted to drink liquor because she was speaking too clearly).

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