Ola, thank you for responding. I felt your entire comment. I may be repeating myself here, but I cannot remember. At this same job, I remember I got a “funny” certificate for being most likely to stay at my desk at work. Killer part is this “funny” certificate came after another colleague (white and male) speaks to no one, confuses several employees’ names after working with them for well over a year and slammed the door in everyone’s face when we gave out the certificate. He is always in his office and barely speaks to anyone but the two other people (also white and male) on his team, but smiles for upper management. The fact that I got the spotlight for doing something like *gasp* wanting to work … at work! just made me shake my head.

This was the first time I kept getting in trouble or lectured for minding my damn business and being quiet. I was too through after that. Either you’re intimidating and angry for being loud and opinionated or intimidating for being quiet at your desk. I guess I should have slammed the door in people’s faces, called everybody the wrong names, ignored everybody walking by me and just grinned around managers. Not my style. I don’t play into Corporate America that way.

And the lady who gave me the “funny” certificate was the first person to complain about the black receptionist and a black employee who “scared” her at the microwave and “scared” her at the front desk. She also had a group shot of employees and only cropped me out of the photo. You can’t be the victim and pick on people at the same time. Pick one. There’s a reason I choose to speak to some folks and keep my distance with others. Leaving that job was one of the most smartest (but toughest only because of pay) decisions I have ever made.

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