OK, so two things happened here. One, an anonymous user browsed the post just to make her point. Two, you completely overlooked my entire reason for writing this was a self-evaluation of my own opinion. I couldn’t believe that anyone would walk into the wrong apartment, theirs or anyone else’s. I’d never done it before in life. That was the biggest argument that her defenders kept insisting on: “It happens all the time. It happened to my ________.”

I’ve been saying for months that I’d never walked into any wrong address, none of my past addresses (hence the reason I mentioned how I know my place by heart in the dark) and not even unfamiliar addresses — until I did. So I thought it was a reach to begin with, until I actually did do it and realized how easy it was to just not know where you are. And I was on a lobby floor. I didn’t go through the back of the building or anything. No long hours. Nothing. And I’m still not on her side. I’m guessing from your halfway browse and “cut the crap” that you didn’t bother to read until the end.

I’m clearly still saying she was dead wrong even after I was 1) not paying attention to the numbers on the address; 2) overlooking that the door was unlocked; 3) walked in and was 100% convinced I was in the right address; 4) pointed out that even though I was WRONG (as she was), I still stood there calmly trying to figure out what happened; 5) I realized that there is a possibility of walking into the wrong unit (something I thought was a complete reach before); 6) gave the homeowner the opportunity to tell me why I was wrong.

I clearly stated that I wasn’t at home. That’s not up for argument. The entire post is about me going to someone else’s address. You don’t need to call Carmen San Diego for that one. My point, which clearly was overlooked, was that two grown-ups had a conversation that may have lasted a solid 60 seconds, worked it out and we both lived.

And I still have multiple issues with her after she shot him (CPR and the texts she sent at the top of the list). As much as I like feedback, especially constructive feedback, I’m not a fan of half-read/half-browsed/complaining-from-anonymous-users feedback.

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