OK, so I just learned something new that I did not know before. (Before you mentioned the country part, I paid attention to how you spell “socialized.” Considering the penguin explanation though, that could easily be waving a wand in readers’ faces as a distraction. If you’re from another country, it does strike me curious that you seem to be so opinionated about anti-Trump posts. It wouldn’t affect you in nearly the same way — unless you’re Russian or Chinese.)

Nevertheless, that “can I see your penis?” nonsense is all her. Never in my entire life have I met another American woman who did that. I was somewhere between shocked and amused and then mortified when he was embarrassed. I definitely would not recommend being that forward unless you know for sure that man is into the speaker and 99.9% should be said in the comfort of a private home — or somewhere without two other people standing awkwardly around.

That piano story just sounds like so much work. Interestingly, a co-worker of mine had the same thing happen to her. A tech guy kept making himself the person to fix her computer — all the time. When she didn’t catch on to that, then he started purposely messing up her computer, so then she had to call him back downstairs to fix it again. It took her months to figure out what he was doing. They’re married now. But men (apparently shy ones who are tech savvy) can pull a piano stunt, too. I don’t have that level of patience. By tech visit number three, I’d just start flirting my ass off. Life is short. Worst he can say is “no.”

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