OK, I know I’m blowing up your post, but the first time I ever saw a human being share food with a dog was a sista. I had a childhood friend whose stepmother (who I could not stand) sat there feeding her little dog with a fork. She refused to move away from the stove so we could make breakfast because she wanted to feed her dog little cut-up pieces of hot dog. There are these generalizations about what white people do with their dogs versus black people, but I think most of the people who make them are people who either already don’t like dogs or don’t hang out with dog people.

Some of them are extreme. I f**king love dogs, but I’m not feeding them with a shared fork. As for dogs licking me on the face, eh man, sometimes they’ll catch you off-guard. If you own a dog long enough, (s)he’s going to lick your face at one point or another. In all fairness though, I’m ducking and dodging any dog who tries to lick my lips or teeth. I can 100% say it’s happened, but was too quick for me to move.

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