OK, going past all the details you gave me that I already knew, I finally got an answer: life in prison.

But when I read your post on “five/10 years” is not enough, I just kept thinking of how the mom would feel. No amount of years will bring back her child.

I’m not disputing that everybody should be regarded the same when it comes to committing a crime of any kind regardless of culture, race, region, etc. But whether she served 10 years or 50 years or life, I’m still left unsatisfied. The number of years doesn’t erase the feeling that this could’ve all been avoided and she could’ve tried to save the man’s life. Her decisions afterward trouble me — that’s why I can’t get with the hugs from the brother or the judge. She had multiple opportunities to fix her f**k up and chose not to, just texting away to her ex.

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