OK, check this out. This is what you’re not going to do on my post. You are not going to completely change the subject on the purpose of why this post was written. You’re also not going to mansplain to me my own experience. I used the term “people of color” because I was talking about minority groups born in America. There was a reason I specified “black women” sometimes and “people of color” other times. It was not happenstance. You made the asinine assumption that I was only talking about black people, when I was also including other minority groups because of additional behavior I observed. The next time you get ready to tell someone about their experience, try asking instead of giving unsolicited (and uninformed) advice.

And I checked my calendar to try to find the day when I was concerned about your views on me being “one of THOSE types of black people.” I don’t see any availability tomorrow or next week. Thanksgiving is booked. Christmas is too. Kwanzaa is out completely. I’ve got back-to-backs on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. And all of 2020 is looking pretty packed. So I guess that comes down to me not GAF about what kind of black person you think I am. I’m guessing your social circle (which sounds like it’s full of hoteps) cares a great deal about you categorizing them into certain types of black people. I am far too grown, definitely too secure and 100 percent think you’re a clown for even taking it there. Miss me with the rest.

P.S. Why are you this annoying on a Saturday morning? I haven’t even finished my cup of coffee yet. Jeezus, you must be an absolute blast at parties. My guess is you don’t get invited to any.

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