Oh no! I once ended up going on a date with a guy who used to always review the same stuff I reviewed on Amazon. (Small world, right?) I kept seeing his reviews almost before or after mine and finally another reviewer pointed out we were in the same city. We went to a soul food vegan restaurant. He was not vegan. I was. He went solely for me. It was the absolute worst. It was too crowded and we ended up sitting by the front door. The waiter never came. We seated ourselves. The food was cold. It was just all bad, and I have been there plenty of other times with family members and the service was drastically different.

But what I can say about that date was this: I have cackled my way through some wild moments in restaurants and other places and we go, “Oh, remember that time when …?” and it’s a fun memory. If you’re with the right person, even a terrible date will just be a funny story to tell. (You already proved my point.) In my case, he was an absolute snob, said the restaurant “was not up to [his] standards” and he preferred “something that fit my taste.” I have met some of the sweetest, most wonderful Kappas, but this particular one fit every single stereotype there is about the frat. He asked me out one other time to be his date for a friend’s wedding, and I turned him down flat. Never again. What a f**king snob. The restaurant was bad, but he was worse.

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