Office parties/events have gotten more difficult to avoid. I distinctly recall an “office baby shower” and “office bridal party” during work hours. Kinda hard to avoid making a toilet paper wedding dress for a boss I can’t stand when I’m physically already there for a workday. I can only go to lunch but for so long. I will never understand the “forced work friends” mentality. Just let people befriend who they want and do their jobs. Not having to fake smile and act like I’m enjoying birthday parties, bridal showers and baby showers from my desk is quite possibly the biggest highlight of leaving Corporate America. Now when I go to these events, I am 100% going because I want to be there instead of being concerned it’ll be on my annual review. (And I have gotten the “workplace culture/hang out with coworkers” talk so many times I lost count. I definitely had work friends, but they were legitimate friends — not people I was stuck sitting next to during a conference meeting.)

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