Now wait a minute. I have to call you out for something. You’re the same person who was frustrated that two writers blocked you on Medium so you wait until the next month so you can read three to four posts in incognito mode. You wrote entire posts about people trying to distance themselves from you.

There are some people who can shrug off followers or people you follow. I am one of them — I genuinely couldn’t name five (non-famous) Twitter followers or Medium writers off the top of my head. (I just tried in my head. I got to about three.) You don’t appear to be one of those folks who doesn’t build a bond with your following. I’m a bit surprised you’re not defending her and relating to her more — both of you seem to take rejection to heart. Maybe I’m off base, but it certainly sounds like it.

With that said, I wholeheartedly hope you take the same advice you’re giving the lady crying about a closed social media account. From my very limited knowledge of your posts, I hope you can also just take the blocked Medium accounts on the chin — the same way you want this lady to get over the social media account. There will be other accounts to open just as there will be other writers to read. Just my opinion!