NOTHING is a "good thing" when its inspiration is to keep black people in their place and segregate them. Hard stop. Period. Everything after this sounded like noise to me because I couldn't get past this comment. This is the zillionth time you've commented on an article about race and breezed past blatant racism. At what point do you get tired of doing so? Too many of your takes on race are, “As long as it helps Jewish people or Indian people, screw everybody else.”

I’ve already told you about your flood of content accusing black men of mugging you (after only asking for directions) and teaching “poor black kids” (who seemed to be doing all right and just didn’t like you). All of your comments sound about two footsteps away from MAGA commentators. It’s so condescending, and I keep trying to meet you in the middle. Now it’s just annoying. I’m not going to block you, but your comments are draining to read. Casual racism all over the place. The comments are rarely if ever constructive and always comes across as oblivious to anybody who doesn’t look, act or come from where you come from.

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