Not amused. At all. This just makes me think you need new friends. It reminds me of a time when I was hanging out with a biracial guy (raised by FOX news, Trump supporting parents) who yelled out, “You have to pay for that before you leave the store.” I had nothing in my hands, and he said it next to the cashier. In his mind, this was a joke. But a black man would know the severity of a “joke” like that and why it is never cool. Oblivious as he was, he thought I overreacted. I never stepped foot in a store with him after that. There were many more examples like that where I tried to tolerate his delusional views on racism before I finally just said, “Yeah, I’m cool on you.” And this wasn’t someone who was just plain old white, he just grew up in the kind of GOP household that doesn’t know any better.

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