Normally I would say that you should just say to them you don’t want to be called nicknames. I have absolutely told men to just call me by the name on my tag. One guy told me on Twitter that his grandmother told him, “When you don’t know a woman’s name, call her ‘beloved.’” That has to be the worst advice a grandmother could give her grandson — minus obvious illegal advice, etc. — but in his mind, this was OK. I recall telling a man, “My name is not baby.” He proceeded to yell all kinds of “bitches” and “motherfuckers” at me. I turned and went, “Is this what happens when you’re deprived of p — sy for too long.” It stopped him cold.

Maybe I have that “steel vagina” you speak of, but I’m just tired of people talking to me like I know them. Another guy in the parking lot saw the two of us and asked if I was OK. I shrugged and said, “That’s what deprivation looks like” and got in my car. Now could this have gone all wrong? Yes. But I was just over it. Call me by my name, especially when you know it already or can read it online.

On a separate note, I’m really baffled when women do it. A lady at the gas station said, “Thanks, mama” to me today simply for paying for gas. She smiled and was clearly nice, but still, just call me by my name. I went to Victoria’s Secret, and the girl called me “hon” after every single instruction. Finally I got tired of it by the 10th time and said, “Please stop calling me ‘hon.’” Her response, “OK, ma’am.” I just don’t understand why there has to be an extra name at all. Just say, “OK,” “thank you,” “sure,” etc. without the excess.

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