Nope, actually the owner was out of town altogether for several days. The guy accepted it. He lived in Europe somewhere. When he got here (United States), the dog just met him at the door. The dog walker (me) was assigned to feed and walk the dog. He was one of my regulars. But still, it’s not like dogs do not want to play while you are in their home. Plus the smoke detector kept going off. The dog was hiding out to get away from the sound. I asked the Airbnb guest if that was annoying. He said that once you have heard it so many times, you get used to it. I just SMH.

On a separate note, I tried to talk my parents into using Airbnb for a home they inherited, but no dice. Neither want to deal with the responsibilities. I never thought I would use Airbnb. But after dog sitting four times, and living in people’s homes for two days to weeks, same difference. Now I would, minus THIS home!

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