Noma, thank you for reading and your feedback. In answer to your questions:

  • The MLK part was not even initially in there. I published this and then Amy Klobuchar brought up Dr. King for no reason at all during the presidential debate last night. I rolled my eyes to the sky and sunk down in my chair. I re-opened the post and added that in. I’m so tired of people bringing this man up. I feel like if someone gave her the opportunity to name three other iconic black leaders, she’d draw a blank. I had a freelancing client do it last week. It’s always the same line about “content of your character” and sounds like a broken record.
  • I am honestly not quite sure what race the lady is who talked about the signs being “racist.” When she pronounces her name, it sounds “Spanish.” However, some of her facial features look Asian to me. But I saw her in the laundry room wearing a Renaissance costume dress while doing laundry. Weirdest shit ever. I’m hoping there was a story behind her looking like she was from the Medieval Times in the basement, but I was in a rush to get somewhere and definitely had no interest in talking to her. It was after she stormed out of the condo association meeting. So her race could be damn near anything.
  • Long, semi-related story: But we’d already gotten into it because she rang my doorbell repeatedly and accused me of taking photographs of this boy outside wearing a ginormous decorative face mask while walking a dog. Why he was wearing a large mask over his face while walking a dog, I do not know. I was looking out of my window and had my phone in my hand. I thought about taking a photograph of the mask because it was fascinating but then changed my mind, thinking it’d be creepy. He and another guy tried to peer into my windows, went and got her, and she rang my bell accusing me of it. I didn’t go into that in the post (off topic), but she’d already rubbed me wrong with that. So not only has the lady thrown out “racism” accusations without a shred of racism, but apparently taking photographs of people wearing massive face masks while walking dogs is worth leaning on my doorbell. She gives me BBQ Becky vibes.

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